Cloud Ruler Temple

Cloud Ruler Temple is a fortress northwest of Bruma. If you take the road north from the northwestern gate in Bruma you will reach the main gate to the Temple, after you travel up a short winding road.

It was an ancient stronghold of the Blades located high in the Jerall Mountains near Bruma. It is one of the most dramatic remaining examples of Akaviri architecture.

Built by Reman Cyrodiil‘s Akaviri Dragonguard at the founding of the Second Empire, it served as their headquarters. Even as they became known as the Blades, the Emperor’s agents continued to occupy Cloud Ruler Temple until the end of the Third Era. Legend has it the swords of those slain protecting the Dragonborn were hung within the great hall of the temple. The archives of the temple were believed to have been the primary repository of the oldest Blades lore.

Before bringing Jauffre and Martin to the temple during the main quest, the main gate will be locked and requires a key to enter. Upon joining the Blades, taking items in the temple is not considered stealing. There are also stables, holding a free horse, and a practice area in the courtyard of the temple. Watching the two Blades sparring here, Fortis and Pelagius, results in a free skill boost: 2-point bonuses to your Blade and Block skills.

Cloud Ruler Temple

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